A Message from Mitchell

Hi, it’s Mitchell. I like Rio a lot, especially the beach and the food here.

Last Saturday, we went to this island called Paqueta. We hired bikes and rode them along the sandy roads. Apparently there are no cars allowed on the island so there were only bikes, horses or tractors. The boat we went there on was very big and it took one hour and ten minutes. On the boat, there were lots of people selling food and we bought some things called “Sugar Puffs”. I liked them.

When we got off, the pier was sandy and when we looked over the side, there were jellyfish in the water and dead fish.

The bike riding was fun but the brakes on the bikes were terrible and going downhill was very bumpy. Luckily there weren’t many hills though.


Riding on the sandy road


The view was really nice


This is Charlotte and our friend, Megan.


Good bike, bad brakes.

The horse carts were taxis.

Eating ice-cream after the ride

Eating ice-cream after the ride

The 5th longest bridge in the world.

The 5th longest bridge in the world.

On the way back, a plane went right over the boat and it was really noisy. We looked out the side and the airport was right next to us and the plane was coming down to land. The boat also went under the fifth longest bridge in the world which goes from one side of the Rio bay to the other. Other things about Rio are that the Lego is very expensive, there are lots of buses and taxis and I’ve been to the Corcovado but I haven’t been to the Pao de Acucar, (Sugarloaf Mountain). On the top of the Corcovado, I saw the Maracana Stadium which is the most famous soccer field in the world. That’s where they are going to do the Olympics when they are in Brazil. It is very big but not as big as the MCG.

My new friends at school are Evan from America, Adam and Jude from Lebanon, Axel and Emil from Norway and Santi from Houston. We all have fun together, usually playing four squares.

Tchau tchau.

(That’s bye bye in Portugese.)

PS – If anyone wants to ask me any questions about Rio, just leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “A Message from Mitchell

  1. eamfrank

    Mitchell, great blog. Thank you very much. I wish that Roger and I could have been with you, would have loved to ride in a horse and cart, but a bicycle without good brakes is not for me.

    Look forward to another blog soon

  2. De

    Hi Mitchell, it looks like you had a great time on Paqueta. Bummer about the brakes on the bikes – looks like you made it around though without any stax! Who picks up the “exhaust” from the Horse Taxis? Hope you didn’t ride your bike through any horse poo…..that would not be very nice!! Thanks for your great writing and photos – you did a very good job!
    Tchau tchau De

    1. Mitchell Hall

      Hi De. Thanks for your comment. Just to tell you, the horses had bags under their bums to catch the poo. from Mitchell

  3. Dr Roberto Cooper

    Mitchell, I loved your post on Paquetá. You have made very interesting observations with a good sense of humor (brakes!). Hope you get know nice places in Rio/Brazil and tell us about your adventures in new posts. Have you considered becoming a Travel Guide author?


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