Zuper Zipline

Hi Peeps,

It is me, Charlotte!

Mum thought it would be good if ‘I’ talked to you guys about Brazil.

Okay here we go:

We have done a lot of things in Brazil but my fav is probably the zipline. The zipline place has three different activities, they are the Canopy walk, rock climbing wall and obviously the zipline. I only did two activities, which were the canopy walk and the zipline, the rock climbing wall was for younger kids aged around six. I will tell you about the activities I did.

Canopy walk:

The canopy walk was my favourite (no-offense zipline) because it just was. The canopy walk was like an obstacle course six metres off the ground. (you had a harness- thankfully)

You had to hand to the people who made it that it was really good. What you actually had to do was complete a trial of obstacle courses such as holding on to ropes (one by one) while going across the thinnest tight rope I have ever seen!!!!! You also had to swing across a ladder bridge. Mum was freaking out- on the ground, even though it was her idea in the first place! The whole obstacle course was about sixty metres long. Imagine being in the air six metres trying to cross a 60 metre obstacle course. ARRGHHHHH!!! (Actually it wasn’t too bad)

Mitchell on the tightrope

Am I camouflaged?


Actually doing the zipline didn’t take nearly as long as it did waiting to get on. It was still fun, though. Dad was down the bottom taking photos. I felt sorry for him because he had to wait for ages, he left to go down to the bottom to take photos just after we got in line. Anyway, the zipline was about 20 metres high- over this gully and it was eighty metres long. But because it was so fast it took about (to be precise) seven seconds.

Where both of these activities were was in the forest. so we were surrounded by trees and nature which was really refreshing or you could say ‘nice’.


You are probably getting bored of all this random comments I’m saying about the activities so I will tell you about…..hmmm….school.


School is fun. (Boring comment, something better)

I am in fourth grade which is in the lower school area. There are six grades in Lower school which is pre-school, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (me) and 5th grades. Then there is Middle School and High School. There are around 1,000 kids at the school because it goes all the way up to year 12. I catch the school bus at 6:45 which means I have to get up at six am (Urgh!!!!) Then there is the cafeteria, the food is okay (I guess). You have to get a lunch card to get into the cafeteria. You have a picture of you on the lunch card and my photo is terrible but thankfully it has a valid date which is the 31st of December 2013. Yeah not too good. I think school is good, though because the teacher/kids are really caring and all nice. (That sounds all lovey dovey, doesn’t it? It is true, though) The bad thing is that you get heaps of homework every day. But I still like school.

That is all for now, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 thought on “Zuper Zipline

  1. De

    Hi Charlotte – if only you could get the zipline IN the school – I was talking to Rory and Olly at dinner tonight and said wouldn’t it be cool if our big gum tree in Ramsay Ave had a flying fox to the school – then I read your blog!! weird.
    Olly then asked what one thing would you do if you could change something about school – Rory said that he would like his best mate Dexter to come back. Olly said he wanted to have a series of secret tunnels under the school that you needed a special membership to be able to know about and use. AND….. that when you went in you got your amazing utility belt that had mini creatures on them but could be turned into real, live, giant creatures when you needed them. That seemed like more than one thing to me – I was going to tell the boys my one thing I would change but they got bored and wanted to go outside – I will tell you though – secret parent cams that could spy on kids to make sure they BEHAVE!!


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